• Production of traditional biofuels

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    A draft law to cap the production of traditional biofuels and accelerate the shift to alternative sources has been approved by the Environment Committee. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from the growing use of agricultural land to produce biofuel crops. Current legislation requires EU member states to ensure that renewable energy accounts for at least 10% of energy consumption in transport by 2020. But in the draft law approved, MEPs say that first generation biofuels should not exceed 6% of the final energy consumption in transport by 2020.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum

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    Mrs. Isabel Maestre, head of the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA), inaugurated the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum (SAFF), in the framework of the inter-ministerial cooperation (involving the Ministries of Agriculture and Industry) towards the Spanish Initiative of Bio-kerosene production and consumption for aviation. The event took place from 20 to the 22nd of October and it brought together stakeholders to share experiences and views, to exchange best practices, to evaluate emerging issues and to jointly elaborate recommendations towards the successful future development of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • First Commercial Flight with biofuel

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    Hainan Airlines and Sinopec have celebrated China's first passenger flight with sustainable aviation biofuel, a key environmental milestone for China's commercial aviation industry. The regularly scheduled Hainan Airlines flight – which carried more than 100 passengers from Shanghai to Beijing in a Next-Generation 737-800 – used biofuel made by Sinopec from waste cooking oil collected from restaurants in China. Both of the airplane's CFM International CFM56-7B engines were powered by a fuel blend of approximately 50 percent aviation biofuel mixed with conventional petroleum jet fuel.
  • Market Prices

    Kerosene Prices

    Date: 20/Mar/2015

    $/b: 68.4

    % change vs. 1 year
    ago: -42.8%

    Allowance Prices

    EUAs spot Close: 6.95

    EUAs spot Var: -0.86%

    CERs spot Close: 0.02

    CERs spot Var: 0.00%

    Currency Change

    1.0973$= 1€

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    March 27th 2015