• First international commercial flight completed

    Scandinavian low-cost carrier Norwegian has carried out its first ever flight powered by biofuel. The service from Bergen to Oslo took off on November 11th with almost 50% biofuel. The aircraft was filled with sustainable biofuel and emitted a total of 3178 kg - or 40 grams per passenger kilometer. Older aircraft with traditional fuels emit 5786 kg, which is 74 grams per passenger kilometer on the same stretch. In other words, this flight has over 40 percent less emissions than an average flight with normal fuel.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum

    Mrs. Isabel Maestre, head of the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA), inaugurated the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum (SAFF), in the framework of the inter-ministerial cooperation (involving the Ministries of Agriculture and Industry) towards the Spanish Initiative of Bio-kerosene production and consumption for aviation (Bioqueroseno.es). The event took place from 20 to the 22nd of October and it brought together stakeholders to share experiences and views, to exchange best practices, to evaluate emerging issues and to jointly elaborate recommendations towards the successful future development of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Infrastructure for alternative fuels

    The Official Journal of the European Union has issued Directive 2014/94 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 on the establishment of an infrastructure for alternative fuels. This seeks to ensure the development of alternative and / or clean fuels by creating a network of supply stations with common standards of design and use, leaving freedom to Member States to establish national plans in the appropriate number of supply infrastructures which would be binding in some cases and in other reviewable.
  • Market Prices

    Kerosene Prices

    Date: 07/Nov/2014

    $/b: 102,7

    % change vs. 1 year
    ago: -13,9%

    Allowance Prices

    EUAs spot Close: 6.78

    EUAs spot Var: 2.26%

    CERs spot Close: 0.11

    CERs spot Var: 0.00%

    Currency Change

    1.2436$= 1€

    Last Update

    November 15th 2014