• Sustainable fuels future in UK

    UK aviation and aerospace industry group Sustainable Aviation has unveiled a roadmap identifying a potential for between five and 12 plants in the UK producing up to 640,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuels by 2030 that could support the creation of 4,400 jobs and generate an economic value of around £265 million ($415m). The group estimates a modest take-up in UK volumes in the period to 2030 with a more rapid ramping up of production beyond, although it says this will depend on emerging technologies and early support from government.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum

    Mrs. Isabel Maestre, head of the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA), inaugurated the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum (SAFF), in the framework of the inter-ministerial cooperation (involving the Ministries of Agriculture and Industry) towards the Spanish Initiative of Bio-kerosene production and consumption for aviation. The event took place from 20 to the 22nd of October and it brought together stakeholders to share experiences and views, to exchange best practices, to evaluate emerging issues and to jointly elaborate recommendations towards the successful future development of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • First flight using green diesel

    Boeing has conducted the first-ever flight using green diesel as a biofuel component. The blend of 15 per cent green diesel and 85 per cent conventional jet fuel was used in one engine of a 787 currently testing new technologies as part of Boeing's ecoDemonstrator programme. The green diesel was made from vegetable oils, waste cooking oil and waste animal fats, and was supplied by Finnish company Neste Oil before being blended in the United States by aviation fuel supplier EPIC Aviation.
  • Market Prices

    Kerosene Prices

    Date: 13/Feb/2015

    $/b: 77,6

    % change vs. 1 year
    ago: -38.0%

    Allowance Prices

    EUAs spot Close: 7,07

    EUAs spot Var: -3,68%

    CERs spot Close: 0,02

    CERs spot Var: -50,00%

    Currency Change

    1,1317$= 1€

    Last Update

    February 27th 2015