• Centre of Excellence

    Airbus and key Malaysian partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to assess local solutions for sustainable bio-mass production in Malaysia. The aim is to determine the most suitable feedstocks to ensure that any future jet fuel production in the region is based only on sustainable solutions. The first assessment is expected to be completed by December 2014. Airbus supports the certification and development of commercial quantities of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation through promoting innovative regional projects world-wide.

    The CORE-JetFuel project supports the European Commission in its dynamic and informed implementation of research and innovation projects in the field of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation. It links initiatives and projects at the EU and Member State level, serving as a focal point in this area to all public and private stakeholders. CORE-JetFuel addresses competent authorities, research institutions, feedstock and fuel producers, distributors, aircraft and engine manufactures, airlines and NGOs. FNR is coordinating the project development and the team with the partners from Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V., SENASA, WIP, EADS-IW, IFPEN.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum

    The projects CORE-JetFuel, FORUM-AE and ITAKA are pleased to announce the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum taking place in Madrid on 20th – 22nd October 2014. This event will bring together stakeholders to share experiences and views, to exchange best practices, to evaluate emerging issues and to jointly elaborate recommendations towards the successful future development of sustainable aviation fuels. By emphasizing the cooperation between experts and relevant players in the field of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation, the workshop sets out to implement long-lasting, fruitful synergies and a vivid exchange of knowledge between the participants.
  • Market Prices

    Kerosene Prices

    Date: 04/Apr/2014

    $/b: 120,4

    % change vs. 1 year
    ago: -2%

    Allowance Prices

    EUAs spot Close: 5,08

    EUAs spot Var: 5,39%

    CERs spot Close: 0,19

    CERs spot Var: 18,75%

    Currency Change

    1,3867$= 1€

    Last Update

    April 11th 2014